Factory Security

Threats Towards Factories

There are several current threats to US factories that are worth considering, including both physical and cyber threats. To address these threats, US factories need to take a comprehensive approach to security and risk management. This includes implementing strong cybersecurity measures, conducting regular employee training on security best practices, implementing physical security measures such as access control and surveillance, and developing contingency plans for supply chain disruptions and other emergencies.

  1. Cybersecurity threats: US factories are increasingly becoming targets for cybercriminals who seek to steal intellectual property, disrupt operations, and cause damage to the factory’s computer systems. Cyber attacks can be carried out through various methods, such as phishing emails, ransomware, and other malware infections.
  2. Insider threats: Insider threats are also a significant concern for US factories, as employees with malicious intent can potentially steal company secrets, damage equipment, or engage in other nefarious activities that could disrupt operations.
  3. Supply chain disruptions: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of global supply chains, and US factories are not immune to these disruptions. Factors such as shipping delays, trade disputes, and natural disasters can all impact the availability of raw materials and other supplies needed for manufacturing operations.
  4. Physical security risks: US factories are also at risk of physical security threats, such as theft and vandalism. Criminals may attempt to steal raw materials, finished products, or equipment, or cause damage to the factory’s property and equipment.
  5. Workforce shortages: Some US factories are also facing workforce shortages, as the labor market becomes increasingly competitive and workers are difficult to find. This can impact the productivity and efficiency of factories, potentially leading to production delays and other operational challenges.

Bee Safe Security Solutions for Factories

Bee Safe Security is a leading provider of security solutions for commercial properties. With years of experience in the industry, Bee Safe Security has developed a range of solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique security needs of factories.

Perimeter Security:

Armed Patrol Officers, AI human and vehicle detection, perimeter alarms

Access Control

Manage building access, track employees, integrate facial recognition unlock


Encrypted wireless alarm systems with access control integration

Mobile Patrol

Armed protection officers available 24/7

Scene Change Detection

Detects abrupt changes in the content of the scene being monitored.

Live Video Monitoring

Schedule 24HR live video monitoring at high risk stations