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Our Investigation Division offers experienced & trained detectives for your case. Bee-Safe Investigators reside throughout the State of Ohio and collaboratively respond together when requested. We cover a wide array of case categories including: divorce, child support, cheating spouse & missing persons. Click here to verify our Ohio License #: 201121001900

Licensed by the:

Ohio Department Of Public Safety; Private Investigator Security Guard Services

Private Investigator Security Guard Services (PISGS) licenses and regulates private investigation and security guard companies working in Ohio. There are more than 800 companies with 22,000 registered employees. PISGS is part of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

A license demonstrates a basic level of professional responsibility, competence and compliance with the law. PISGS verifies a company is insured, operated by a qualifying agent with appropriate experience, and that employees undergo criminal background checks. Registered employees are continuously monitored by the state’s Rapback system, which notifies PISGS if a guard or investigator is arrested. An unlicensed company is a liability for businesses, their employees and customers, and jeopardizes public safety.


Our private investigators are dedicated to providing professional services with unmeasurable attention. Our information analysts play a vital role in information gathering during an investigation process. With experience in both military and law enforcement, Bee-Safe private investigators are top of the line in the State of Ohio.

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