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Why choose Bee-Safe?

Bee-Safe provides consistent, professional, reliable, services, while maintaining a constant open line of communication with our clients. Our team will work with yours, to customize solutions to address concerns, problematic areas, and your needs.

Bee-Safe offers many services within our physical security division such as personal protection, mobile patrols, school security, school resource officers, and event security. We fulfill both long-term and short-term security needs.

1. Uniforms:

We allow our clients to select their security team’s appearance. We offer police style uniforms with our Class A, Class B options or if you want a more corporate looking security team. We offer blazers, slacks and or suits. We accommodate our clients.

2. What sets us apart from our competition?

We raise the bar for physical security services, we are not just another security guard provider, we do not have guards. We have Security Officers. Our Officers are certified, licensed, and exceed the minimum requirements set by the State of Ohio.

3. Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC), Training Center:

Bee-Safe owns and operates an approved OPOTC Training Center, because of this our officers receive an abundance of trainings in the security/law enforcement field on a regular basis. We require our officers to complete continual education courses throughout each year.

4. In-Service Training:

Not once but at least twice a year Bee-Safe has ‘In-Service’ Training. This a perfect time for us to address any concerns and additional trainings in areas that officer(s) seek. We listen to our officers. Our ‘in-service’ training also consists of report writing, patrol tactics, we cover any policy and procedure changes, uniform appearance, etc…

5. Benefits with Choosing Bee-Safe?

We are continually raising the bar for the security industry. We stress Train, Train, Train to our officers and they listen. Our Officers are extensively trained and can handle a variety of situations. Our officers and clients both benefit from our Training Center.

6. Bee-Safe Officers:

A quite common, daily task for security that is overlooked by many is REPORT WRITING. Our officers receive OPOTC report writing. Security reports are commonly used by clients to enforce their own policy and procedures, and for litigation purposes. A professionally written document is invaluable. Therefore, we stress professional report writing to our officers and we continually train throughout the year on report writing.

Our officers complete both ASP and OPOTC Impactable Weapons and handcuff training. In addition our officers receive OC Spray, Subject Control, Self-Defense, Phazzer/Taser (Conducted Energy Weapon), Verbal de-escalation, Patrol Tactics, drug/alcohol awareness training, First aid, CPR/AED, how to apply Narcan, how to properly apply a tourniquet and multiple other courses.

We are proud to say we are law enforcement and military friendly, we employ both active personnel and veterans from both backgrounds.

Our Goal at Bee-Safe is to produce the highest level of Officers on the market today and in doing so provide selfless Officers of solid character, ethics, morals, and integrity!