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Often, School safety discussions are an unsettling topic for the community. Discussing, planning, successfully executing our measures will turn your school into a harden target both internally and externally, for those wishing to carry out acts of violence.

All policies and procedures must be reviewed and updated accordingly to bring them up to speed with today’s unsettling world.

As a General Security Contractor, Bee-Safe and our network of experts will design and implement a comprehensive security solution, to combat all concerns.

Taking our preventative measures decreases threats of violence occurring on your watch. Our team of experts will work with your team to assess your current security measures, policies, and procedures and help you build a customized solution to turn your school into a harden target both internally and externally.

The thought of violence within a school is a situation no one wants to imagine. Every school must start taking necessary steps to prevent school violence.
Bee-Safe provides schools with professional solutions.

School Resource Officers (SROs)

Bee-Safe is a member of the Ohio School Resource Officer Association (OSROA) and National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). Bee-Safe is the only private company supplying School Resource Officers (SRO) in the State of Ohio.

The key to a successful SRO program is to make sure you have the right Officer that fits your school atmosphere. Our Officers go through an extensive selection process to become eligible for our School Resource Officer program.  Bee-Safe officers can perform their duties and communicate effectively with Faculty, Students and Parents. One goal of our program is that our SROs are accepted by their school’s community. School Resource Officers act as a deterrent and provides the school with an immediate response to any violence. Their daily presence enhances the feeling of safety for the students, faculty and administration.